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20 X 20 High Peak Frame Tent

20 X 20 High Peak Frame Tent Image

Elevate the elegance of your next outdoor event with our 20 X 20 High Peak Frame Tent Rentals, the pinnacle of sophistication for large gatherings, upscale weddings, corporate galas, or significant social events. This magnificent tent, with its impressive 20 X 20 size, provides a spacious and inviting environment for up to 60 guests, offering endless possibilities for seating, entertainment, and decor configurations. The high peak design not only serves as a striking visual element but also enhances the tent's performance against weather conditions, ensuring your event is protected in style. Fabricated from the highest quality, weather-resistant materials, our 20 X 20 High Peak Frame Tent stands as a testament to luxury and durability, guaranteeing an unforgettable celebration, no matter the weather.



20' X 20'









$280.00 (If Applicable)

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