Donkey Kong Jr-image

In this Nintendo classic players must complete each level in an attempt to free Donkey Kong from his cage.

Other Rental Items

Here are some of our other rental items that might be of interest...

LED Ping Pong Table -image

LED Ping Pong Table

Dome Hockey-image

Dome Hockey

Dome Hockey

Very similar to Foosball. Players attempt to score in their opponent’s goal. This hockey game is enclosed in a plastic dome, which keeps the puck ...

Pool Table-image

Pool Table

Pool Table

Classic billiards game. The first player to sink all of their balls (solid or striped) into designated holes wins.

One on One Hoops-image

One on One Hoops

One on One Hoops

This classic basketball game allows two players to play one on one. The net beneath catches and returns the ball to the player after each shot.

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